Commercial Painting Services Near Me

When it is time to paint your commercial property, it’s time to turn to the pros at Kane Painting Services. Kane is a long-trusted contractor serving Akron, Canton, Kent, Hudson, Medina, and the surrounding areas with the skills and experience to tackle even the most challenging commercial painting jobs. You or a family member has probably experienced Kane’s quality residential painting services in your home. You can trust us with your business or commercial property as well.

Commercial Painting Akron Ohio: What Is Commercial Painting?

While residential painting refers to houses, apartments, and condominiums, commercial painting is interior painting and exterior painting for private, public, or government-owned properties such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Large and small retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Recreational facilities
  • Multi-family dwellings, such as apartment buildings
  • Schools and university buildings
  • Multi-use properties

Different commercial properties come with unique challenges. When you select Kane Painting, you can trust you are choosing a partner with the experience to handle any commercial project.

commercial painting services near me
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Why Choose Kane Akron Commercial Painters?

  1. First impressions matter. Old, chipping paint or a messy, amateur paint job does not make a good impression on potential customers, tenants, or visitors. Hiring one of the Akron area’s most reputable and experienced painters, like Kane Painting, means getting the right products for your commercial building. We also bring years of experience to your project. Our long, proud history as an Akron commercial and residential painter means you can expect a perfect, professional finish whenever you hire us.
  2. Kane has the large crew and the tools to get the job done as quickly as possible, meaning less disruption to your business. Kane will work evenings to keep your property or business functional during your peak hours if needed.
  3. Doing it yourself or hiring a cut-rate contractor might sound like an excellent way to save money on your commercial property. However, hiring a trusted Akron contractor like Kane Painting is the wiser investment. A professional paint job not only looks better but also looks better but lasts longer than a DIY project. Also, contractors’ paint discounts will trim some of the cost of the work.

Kane Painting is your trusted contractor for commercial painting in Akron Ohio.

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What other services does a commercial painting company near me do?

Kane Painting, your “commercial painting company near me” offers interior painting and exterior painting for offices, apartment buildings, retail, the hospitality industry, and more. Other services include:

  • Brick waterproofing
  • Cement wall coatings
  • Masonry coating and sealing
  • Wall and ceiling repair
  • Waterproof coatings
  • High-durability coatings
  • Line striping
  • Accents
  • Roof Coatings
Akron Commercial Painters
commercial painting company near me

What Sets Kane Apart as Your Akron Commercial Painters

Looking to hire a commercial painting contractor for your property? There are several things you should look for:

  • Insured. With Kane, we are fully insured for your protection.
  • BBB accreditation. While review sites like Yelp! are somewhat helpful, the Better Business Bureau grades businesses on 13 different factors. They can give you a more thorough picture of a company. It’s always a safe decision to do business with a Better Business Bureau-accredited company like Kane Painting
  • Experience: When searching for Akron commercial painters, selecting one experienced in painting commercial properties is essential. Kane Painting has transformed hundreds of businesses and other commercial properties, and we can give yours the refresh it deserves. We’re also happy and proud to share examples of our work with you.
  • Care for the environment. Kane takes every step to keep waste out of Ohio’s landfills and waterways. We donate leftover paint to The Stock Pile in Canton, Ohio, which mixes donated paints into beautiful new colors and, in turn, contributes these “new” paints to community projects. Any waste we cannot donate is recycled or properly disposed of with the environment in mind.

Additionally, Kane Painting is family-owned and operated and committed to our community. We believe in fair pay and treatment for every employee and utilize local suppliers whenever possible.

Kane Painting proudly serves Akron, Canton, Kent, Hudson, Copley, Fairlawn, Medina, Bath and the surrounding areas. What can we paint for you?

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Residential vs. Commercial Painting Akron Ohio

Paint is paint … or is it? Commercial painting is actually very different from residential painting. It poses unique challenges that make it hard to execute well as a DIY project or even by a residential painting specialist. Painting your business or other commercial property is best left to professional Akron commercial painters.

Commercial painting is often more logistically complex than painting a home’s interior or exterior. Employees, customers, day-to-day business operations, inventory, equipment, and machinery must be considered. Also, there exist safety and compliance requirements for commercial painting vs. residential jobs.

Commercial painters like Kane Painting have the equipment and materials to produce professional-looking and long-lasting results. In addition to more common painting tools like pressure washers and paint sprayers, commercial painters often need scaffolding and aerial lifts to reach high heights. Commercial painters also use sandblasters, electric scrapers, various chemicals, and even blow torches to remove old paint.

Larger crew sizes allow commercial painters to handle big jobs quickly. Kane, your “commercial painting company near me” is experienced in unique and hard-to-paint surfaces, such as various metals and plastics, and has the right tools and products to do these jobs safely and correctly.

Commercial painters like Kane are a good choice for your business or commercial property because we know the best safety practices in painting businesses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and other commercial environments.

Finally, professional commercial painters like Kane can recognize and sometimes fix structural problems in a building, such as decay or mold, or recommend contractors to address bigger issues.

Kane Painting is eager to give you a free quote and discuss how we can transform your commercial property. Contact us today.

Painting FAQs

For the interior, we would use denatured alcohol on a rag and rub the area, if paint rubs off onto the rag then it’s latex. Exterior we would pull a piece and break a piece if it snaps without pulling its oil-based.
Kane Painting recommends Benjamin Moore and PPG products. We will use other products if it is required, but they are not covered in our warranty.
All of our painters are employees, but we subcontract power washing services to Ayden with Mighty Wash to deliver the best results at the most affordable price.
There are several different reasons prices can be so different. Different companies incur different expenses based on the types of projects they complete, the number of employees they have, how well those employees are compensated and treated, the level of experience given to their customers, and the amount of protection offered through insurance, safety procedures, and training. Newer small companies tend to start a little cheaper than the older companies because they have less experience pricing, fewer employees, and less overhead.
While scheduling is usually very tight, adding on work can be done if there is time, but will require a change order that must be approved and signed before the additional work can be completed. If the schedule does not allow for the additional work or changes, we may need to reschedule to come back another time.
Kane Painting determines labor costs based on how much time each job will take while accounting for hourly expenses incurred. Square footage and surface type are used for calculating paint/stain/material costs. We strive to cover all of the details to be as accurate as possible resulting in lower costs and minimal waste.
We offer a 2-year warranty on all of our work. Warranty details and exclusions are included in our proposal.